Tape on Floor 4

Tape on Floor 4 was a commissioned project by the Flux/S festival in Eindhoven (NL). We approached the project as a scaled episode of a tuesdays evening kitchen table workshop. The 1200 m² on the 4th floor of the SBP-building acted as our paper. The Court-Line™ Tape Machine served as our pen.

We were fascinated by the abstract beauty of lines on the gym floor. Usually these lines define the boundaries of the playing field. We designed a game that creates its boundaries through playing.

The visitors were invited to play with us but they had an absolute minimum amount of freedom. Only a few of them were able to change the direction of the game and only a handful were responsible for the crucial decisions that could have ended it. Most of the visitors were only able to feed the snake.

Drop Fringe Garland Red Green Blue

This issue of Items magazine is the annual 'eindexamen nummer'. Items selected the best final exams accross all design departments from The Netherlands and Belgium. We dedicated our drawing to all those selected designers and drew the festive decoration.

We developed this spread for Items issue #5 2010.

Laptop Reflections

Laptop Reflections is an installation developed for the exhibition INFODECODATA, at the Graphic Design Museum Breda, Feb - Aug 2010.

We created a tool that, whenever we were using our laptops, took our portraits via the webcam and screenshots of our desktops. This happened automatically every 5 minutes during one year.

The Laptop Reflections exhibition visualized this collection in different ways: an installation consisting of 5 videos, each lasting 3 hours 27 mins, a wall print, a newspaper and the website laptopreflections.org.

The images used span the period from 1 April to 16 December 2009.

Cellular Relationships

We developed this spread for Items issue #4 2010.

The Items issue this time dealt with design concepts relating to growth, natural behaviour and organic materials.


  • Draw a cell that intersects one or two cells of another color.
  • The center point of the cell must be outside the intersected cells.
  • Find the points where your circle intersects with other cells and connect them with straight lines.
  • Erase all enclosed cell segments that result from the intersection.
  • If your cell intersects two cells, draw a baby cell within one of them. Cells can only be impregnated once.

Decode & Recode

With this drawing we asked for the participation of the reader of the Items magazine. The issue deals with the theme of 'Decoding', the same theme as the Graphic Design Festival Breda in May 2010. At our lecture there we introduced the drawing.

Unfortunately the camera broke during the capture process and so even though the movie stops halfway, the drawing went on.

We developed this spread for Items issue #3 2010.

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