Chinese Business

This drawing is loosely related to a manifesto for the Chinese business world, with 22 rules of conduct, as found in a frame behind the desk of a businessman in Zhejiang.

The drawing rules are based on concepts of fair distribution, mutual benefit, keeping middle ground and the impact of (good) relationships.

The spread is developed for Items issue #2 2010.

Read the full zhejiang businessman manifesto.

Luna and Edo developed the Vitruvian Paint Machine
for Take on me (take me on)
an alternative production factory
17-25 october 2009, in the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.

The Vitruvian Paint Machine invites the visitors of the Van Abbemuseum to use Luna and Edo as a vehicle for mural paintings, in accordance with several specific rules. These rules are all based on the proportions of the human body and the interaction with the visitors.

Human Processing Unit

Roel & Jonathan are currently doing a workshop at the graphic design department of Yale University School of Art.

Drawing Instructions

During the first couple of days, we want you to develop instructions for an iterative drawing program.

Your material consists of A1 sheets of paper and 4 colored markers.

The program must be executable by 2 to 4 participants.

We would like to encourage you to develop your instructions by executing and revising as you go.

Edo: For Metropolis M, edition 2009 No5 October/November, we made a drawing game comparable to our regular drawing sessions. This time instead of the four different colors we used four different shapes.
Developed while sitting on a summery swiss alp.


  • Start with a branch.
  • Tape an orange line ortogonal to the end of a branch, its length is one third of the branch.
  • New branches emerge from the middle of a branch segment, and touch the orange line at its end points.
  • The length of the brach is double the distance from its origin to the orange intersection.
  • Now repeat the same steps.
See the film for illustrated instructions.

Luna working on the film
Commissioned by CASZuidas
Thanks to Johan Rijpma

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