On the 17th of May, 2013,
we played Book Nodes & Edges

We developed the performance Book Nodes & Edges for the launch of our new Conditional Design Book.

By buying a book you could influence the drawing that was slowly emerging on the floor.

  • Choose a book from the grid.
  • Remove the cone.
  • Make triangles.
  • Draw a line to connect this node to the nearest empty node in the grid.
  • Connect the node of the just purchased book to as many other nodes as possible, if this will close a triangle.
  • The triangle must not include books.
  • Fill the triangle with lines pointing towards the just purchased book.
  • Never cross a line or a point.

Performers: Nick Meehan, Adina Renner, Fabienne Wyss
Camera: Sal Kroonenberg
Editing: Nick Meehan
Location: Mediamatic Fabriek, Amsterdam
A Moniker production

Thanks to all the buyers that were part of the performance.