This workshop came from a desire to play with triangle based 3D structures as opposed to rectangular based 3D structures. Marvin Minsky, a famous cognitive scientist in the field of artificial intelligence, makes a clear distinction between these two principles for making rigid structures in the video segment Tinker Toys versus Lego (the first 2:30 minutes)

  • What you need for the workshop:
  • • Clay
  • • a Lamp and Timer
  • • Pen and Paper
  • • a List of ca. 40 words
  • Instructions for the workshop:
  • • Play in rounds, each round lasts about 1 minute
  • • Take a hand full of clay
  • • The first player picks the first word on the list, the following player the second word etc.
  • • Write down the word on the paper and model it from the clay.
  • • React to the existing clay shapes on the paper, you are free to modify existing shapes
  • • Explain your creation to your fellow players

Clay Analytics is a workshop format that tries to approach the vocabulary that is touched upon in discourses around participation in art and design in a tangible way. The workshop was designed by Luna Maurer of Moniker in dialogue with the book Participation is Risky by Liesbeth Huybrechts (Social Spaces). It uses clay and light play to make hands-on representations and even stories around words such as participation, user and maker, hybridity, autonomy, authorship, community and so on. Via making (claying), the workshops initiate conversations and idea generation around participation.

List of words taken out of the book ‘Participation is Risky’, by Liesbeth Huybrechts

User and Maker
Potential Participants
The Uncertain Space
Releasing Autonomy or Authorship

People and Objects
Professional and Lay
Ongoing Negotiations
Uncertain differences
Digital age

Other Disciplines
Online Communities
Use Time
New Media Tools
Unexpected Ways
Initial Intentions
Comfort Zone
In-between Qualities
Skills and Knowledge

We developed the performance Book Nodes & Edges for the launch of our new Conditional Design Book.

By buying a book you could influence the drawing that was slowly emerging on the floor.

  • Choose a book from the grid.
  • Remove the cone.
  • Make triangles.
  • Draw a line to connect this node to the nearest empty node in the grid.
  • Connect the node of the just purchased book to as many other nodes as possible, if this will close a triangle.
  • The triangle must not include books.
  • Fill the triangle with lines pointing towards the just purchased book.
  • Never cross a line or a point.

Performers: Nick Meehan, Adina Renner, Fabienne Wyss
Camera: Sal Kroonenberg
Editing: Nick Meehan
Location: Mediamatic Fabriek, Amsterdam
A Moniker production

Thanks to all the buyers that were part of the performance.

Fresh from the press!

Designed by Julia Born.
Printed in glorious red, green, blue and black.
Featuring Laurenz Brunner's new typeface Circular.
Published by Valiz.

You can order the book here


Conditional Design Workbook
Conditional Design team; essays by Andrew Blauvelt and Koert van Mensvoort
Design: Julia Born

• Infectious do-book for designers, children, groups, artists...
• Describes a method to Do-It-Yourself

Conditional Design is a design method formulated by the graphic designers Luna Maurer, Jonathan Puckey, Roel Wouters and the artist Edo Paulus, in which conditions and rules of play are drawn up that invite cooperation within a ‘regulated’ process towards an unpredictable design or result. The book Conditional Design sets out to provide insight into the method in an exciting way and to invite others to apply the method themselves. Conditional Design plays with chance, frameworks and generative systems and is a 'play' method that provides possibilities for every creative person. The system is surprisingly simple, and allows every team to set their own rules. The book functions as a workbook; the designer Julia Born has organized the material step-by-step, and shows in Conditional Design Workbook just how this exciting process works.

A Birthday Poster shows the dates of all birthdays of a person, from birth up till now. Drawn in graphically ordered Roman numerals.

We make Birthday Posters for €300 for your friend's birthday.
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Or... you can also make it yourself.
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