On the 18th of November, 2008,
we changed the rules during the game

Changing the rules during the game

We started the game without any rules. Each round one player had to define a new rule.

Poster 1

We started with an empty sheet and the idea to create the rules as we went along. The following rules are in order of creation:

  • Roel plays with orange
  • Orange makes pluses
  • Luna plays with black
  • Jonathan may hijack other colors
  • Black becomes shadow
  • All tape must be aligned and in direction of either vertically other horizontally to another taped element
  • Jonathan makes rectangles
  • Edo plays with green
  • If the person before you knows what he/she is going to do, and you won't make a rule that influences this action, you are free to start sticking.
  • Edo is only allowed to stick on other colored lines except for the shadow
  • Jonathan's shapes must be blurred
  • All actions must be performed within another enclosed space
  • Luna switched with Jonathan
  • Roel is always aligned to the center
  • Luna makes surfaces
  • Jonathan switches with Roel
  • After every performed action you must make a sound effect and everyone must whisper
  • Edo must stop sticking over other lines and from now on should always connect the elements outside the closed forms with the closest corner of the paper

Poster 2

We played in turns, clockwise. Each player used only one color pen. Each turn a player would first draw a line on the paper. Then, (s)he would give the next player an aditional drawing instruction.

At some point we figured there were enough instructions so we stopped adding more.

During the process we came up with the following instructions for each player:

Jonathan must draw a red line, attached to a blue line, under an angle of 30 degrees from the blue line, shorter than the blue line.

Edo must draw a black line, under an angle precisely between the red line just drawn by Jonathan and the blue line which Jonathan's red line was attached to.

Roel must draw a blue line that crosses the black line just drawn by Edo under an angle of 90 degrees. His blue line's length must be between the length of Edo's black line and Jonathan's red line.

Luna must draw a green line that connects the ends of a red and a black line.

None of the lines may cross other lines, unless explicitly stated otherwise.