On the 14th of October, 2008,
Luna let the manifesto speak through Copic markers

Sorting Copic Markers

I have lots of Copic markers but half of them doesn't work.
This game makes a map of the current state of my copic marker collection.


  1. pick a marker randomly
  2. use the fine side
  3. write the name of the color on the top of the sheet
  4. draw a square


if the marker is still fresh and jucy
- then connect the square to the upper side.
if the marker is old and dry
- then connect to the bottom side of a square
If there are more possibilities of connection
- then the amount of juiciness determines the height
If the colour is darker than the square you connect to
- then place it on the left side of the square
if the colour is lighter than the square you connect to
- then place it to the right side.

Writing the manifesto with Copic markers

After having sorted all markers we had to write the manifesto with them. We supposed to write it by heart, by our memory. The manifesto consists of 17 sentences in total.

It was shocking how bad we were in remembering them after discussing the sentences for months. At one point we decided to stop because we couldn't get further. The final poster is far from the correct version.


  1. Write the sentence from the manifest from 1 to 17 according to the number you're given
  2. Write it with the according marker: the more you are sure of the words, the fresher and darker the marker you choose. If you are unsure, use a dry or light marker.
  3. All markers have to be used once.
  4. Go in rounds.