On the 30th of June, 2009,
we encircled circles


This workshop is an homage to my favourite poster by Yvon van Versendaal, made ten years ago. She was fascinated by a simple circle pattern on a plastic bag which we found on a trip we made together to Barcelona and translated it to a silkscreen print.


  • Play with four participants.
  • Each participant has a colored pen: red, green, blue or black.
  • The participants take clockwise turns:


The goal is to connect as many completed sets as possible.

To Start

Every player draws a small circle somewhere on the paper.

Tasks Performed Every Turn Hereafter by Each Participant

First, draw a big circle and try to encircle small circles with it.
Then, draw as many new members as you have encircled.
If you complete a set draw three new small circles: two members and one outside the sets.

General Rules (see diagram)

Make Sets:

A set is a big circle of one colour containing three small circles [members] of the three remaining colours.
A set may not contain twice the same colour.
The diameter of the big circles should be between 5-10 cm, the small circles between 1-2 cm.

Intersect Sets:

A small circle has to be member of two sets.
At maximum only two sets may intersect on one location (see diagram: wrong- and right intersection).

Complete Sets:

A complete set means, all its members are members of another set as well, a set is then intersecting three other sets.
If a set is completed, the remaining (not intersected) area has to be coloured by the colour that is completing it.