On the 26th of May, 2009,
we made relationships

Relationships first round

Relationships second round

The sheet is divided into a grid of 4 columns.

  • 1. Each player is assigned an element in the list: circles, lines, arrows, titles
  • 2. Player one starts in the first column, player two in the second etc.
  • 3. All players draw at the same time in their assigned column. The players are requested to create as much meaning as possible using their elements, in the knowleddge that the others will finish it off later.
  • 4. When all players are done drawing, the players moves one column to the right and repeat the previous step.
  • 5. After four rounds of drawing, each player is assigned a new element and the players start drawing in a fresh row.
  • 6. Repeat until the paper is full.