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A Birthday Poster shows the dates of all birthdays of a person, from birth up till now. Drawn in graphically ordered Roman numerals.

We make Birthday Posters for €300 for your friend's birthday.
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Or... you can also make it yourself.



  • One or more participants.
  • A uniquely colored pencil for each participant (a solo participant will use two colors and act as two participants).
  • A sheet of paper.

One can use and adjust this excel file to help with the writing and layout of the Roman numerals:

  • Draw with Roman numerals the date of each birthday of the person.
  • For each birthday draw first the year, then the month, then the date.
  • example 1970 april 1st: MCMLXX IV I

How to draw the Roman numerals for each birthday:

  • The first person draws the first Roman numeral.
  • Each following numeral should be drawn by the following participant.
  • The first segment of the following numeral should be drawn in extention of the last segment of the previous numeral. Both segments should have the same direction and length.

example of an L followed by an X:

Roman numerals and their drawing directions:

dot = begin, arrow = end

  • Note: The numerals C and D have curved segments.

example of an M followed by a C:

  • Draw a small circle between the numerals of the year, month and day.

example 1970 april 1st:

Early poster versions

Following Birthday Posters were created with a slightly different set of rules.