On the 8th of April, 2008,
Luna asked us to make type using tape


  1. Write the sentence:
  2. Use thin colored tape, each of us has one color.
  3. Letters are build up by horizontal, vertical, diagonal and curved lines.
    Each player has one direction of the letter (horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved)
    Each player sticks only his direction.

This week, Luna's (rather ambitious) plan was to write the whole Manifesto using tape on big sheets of paper - but we agreed that one sentence would be enough.

Instead the idea was to make a series of posters and write the same sentence each time using a different set of instructions.

Each of us is installed at the kitchen table - positioned in the usual order.

The A4 sheet with the instructions is glued to the wall, a camera is set up to document the process of sticking.

Version one

  1. Construct the letters from left to right and from top to bottom.
  2. Start with the first letter

Version two

  1. Construct the sentence by the direction of the parts of the letters.
  2. Divide the poster in 4 sections.
  3. Each player sticks only his directions of the letters in that section.
  4. When finished go to the next section, rotate 4 times.